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Our team has over 45 years of collective experience in providing customised IT, technology integration and support services to businesses all over the east coast of Australia. What does that mean for you? It means you can rest assured that your technology and digital assets are being handled by skilled professionals who understand how critical these services are to your business.

We’re technologists at heart, but at the same time we’re friendly and communicate technology in a clear and understandable way. Our real-world experience, coupled with a consultative engagement to understand your unique business requirements, enables us to deliver effective technology solutions on-time and on budget.


Embracing technology is an unavoidable requirement of doing business in todays world. Having a managed IT support team on your side means your business always runs smoothly and to its full potential.
Managed IT services eliminates the need for having full time IT staff on your payroll, while still ensuring you receive high quality, on demand support when it’s required. Our team provides server, network and desktop monitoring, remote support, antivirus solutions, infrastructure patch management and more.


Staying secure online is possibly one of the biggest challenges modern companies are faced with. If you’re not staying ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber security, it could become extremely costly to your business if things go wrong.

Our team of security experts work side by side with businesses to identify areas of potential vulnerabilities and develop strategies to improve defences and prevent any breaches. If your business doesn’t have a comprehensive and up to date security plan for your IT assets, you could be at risk of losing your data and money to preventable security breaches.


Need to move from an outdated platform to a more modern solution? Whether you need to move from old on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, going through a merger or demerger or simply want to move to a better solution, we can help migrate your existing data across.

Being a modern cloud-first company, we have a lot of experience migrating companies from legacy systems to more modern solutions. We offer fixed price end-to-end migration projects so there’s no surprises, only great outcomes for your business.

Cloud services

It’s no longer necessary for businesses to invest large amounts of money in establishing physical infrastructure for their IT requirements. Cloud computing enables businesses to deploy solutions rapidly with minimal upfront investment, you simply pay for what you use.

Never worry about replacing server hardware again, having redundancy or the challenges of scaling up and down when you need to. Cloud based solutions solve all these problems. Our team has been focused on cloud solutions since we began our journey, so speak to us about how cloud computing can help your business.


With the cost of labour on the rise, more and more companies are turning to automation as a solution. Traditionally, automation was seen only as a cost saver, however it also improves your product or service quality by eliminating human error and increasing your execution speed.

At Kloud IT, we are heavily invested in automation both internally and for our clients. We specialise in low-code rapid application development, Microsoft 365 automation and PowerShell development. Talk to us about how we can automate your mundane and repetitive administration tasks.


With the broad array of technology tools that staff need to engage with today, now more than ever its critical to ensure staff are properly trained with the technology they use. Today, Microsoft 365 forms a major part of most SMB’s workflows (speak to us if it doesn’t!).

However, Microsoft 365 is no longer just email and the usual Office apps, there is a whole suite of new products that 365 offers, that most people either aren’t aware of, or don’t know how to effectively use. We can tailor training packages with certified Microsoft trainers who will show how to get the most out of 365, including what best practices you should follow.

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