About us

Kloud IT is a cloud first company that helps businesses modernise the way they do business. We help businesses to reduce their costs and increase adaptability in a world of rapid change. We do this by deploying the latest technology to improve their productivity, ensuring their technology works as expected and keeps them secure from rising cyber threats.

We offer cloud infrastructure and services, managed PC and server support, and automating workflows to help our clients grow and reach their goals. Kloud IT makes the transition to cloud a seamless experience for our customers. Now more than ever, technology is key in the world of business.

Kaveh Sharifi

Founder & Managing Director

With over 15 years of IT experience, spanning across multiple roles, Kaveh founded Kloud IT in 2015. Working across a variety of technical and management roles, he has achieved a broad range of accreditation across different vendors and disciplines, including a stint as an in-person trainer for VMware enterprise infrastructure. At Kloud IT, Kaveh oversees all management duties, with deep roots and involvement in the technical space. Outside of his passion for IT he loves soccer, tennis and is a geek for coding!

Nic Charlton

Lead Client Manager

Having grown up around computers, Nic is a digital native. He started his career in IT over 13 years ago at a small Australian based technology e-commerce business, going on to work for the world’s largest IT multinationals, such as Dell, Lexmark and HP. Nic was inspired to join the Kloud IT team as a Lead Client Manager to help businesses transform by better leveraging technology. He brings a wealth of IT experience to the Kloud IT team, with an extremely detail oriented approach to projects. Outside of work, Nic enjoys spending time at the beach with his family, go-karting, and soccer!

Why us?

In recent years there has been an increasing frustration from small and medium businesses with their IT providers. From providing low quality services to simply not having the right technology to solve business’ problems, Kloud IT are here to step in to take care of it for you.

Our vision is to make cloud-based services accessible to all businesses, through simplified processes and exceptional customer service.

When Kloud IT first began, cloud services were only starting to gain traction with the likes of ‘Office 365’ and ‘AWS’ hitting the market, but it became clear that cloud-based services were going to be the future. We adopted cloud services at our company core whilst everyone was still heavily reliant on selling hardware and ‘on-premise’ infrastructure.

Since then, we have expanded our team and are continuing to grow and expand our capabilities. With over 45 years collective experience in technology, Kloud IT is ahead of the curve.

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